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My journey to Rang

There is one thing that everyone remembers about their childhood, that one sweet memory always around the corner of your mind that just makes you smile. I bet you are thinking about it. :)

Well, for me that memory is a cold winter noontime, when I would sit with my mother in the balcony with a cup of Chai in my hands, the sun rays glazing on us;

One would call it a perfect winter midday. She always made a deal with me, that if I’ll finish my school work, she would teach me some tricks to paint. And I would end up with colours, brushes, water in a small glass jar and an Art book in my hand. She used to teach me how important it is to know where to put light & dark shades and how it should be distinctive from each other to bring that rawness out of it. And I was really bad at it. I would eventually mix all the colours together to make a single shade.

And I remember painting a few really bad small sheets. But I do remember how relaxed I felt when I was painting.

You know, how a mother teaches her child Mathematics, and then the same mother teaching you something which already holds a precious place in your heart? That feeling, just keeps me motivated to give it a try, and work on what I love.

She taught me how to paint clouds, flowers, faces, people. And only god knows, how much I would fantasize to paint like her, some day. I would always ask her, “Why do we sit here in Balcony?” and she used to say “You need to cherish small things in nature and figure out what motivates you.

I started painting at the age of 4 and I’ve never stopped after that. Making greeting cards for my family, participating in painting competitions is where I realized that this is something I want to do whole my life. All these years, she made me realize the importance of having something like this, only brings you closer to yourself. You don’t need to be perfect at it.

At the age of 10, I would bunk my classes(if possible) and end up talking to my Art teachers. I was intrigued and loved being around so much creative energy. I never thought about trying to make my own art. Again, it was something that professional people could do. But I loved the idea of even copying the things I loved.

At the age of 14, I created my first ever oil painting, it was the biggest canvas that I could paint at that time I think. It was a challenge for me, as I was using oils for the first time. But my Mom taught me a lot over time. The one thing that I respect the most about her, is that she never painted things herself, but she would guide me to do it. She would say “Even if it ends up being bad, It will be your own.

I ended up loving Oil paints and started painting those more often.

I always wanted to try all kinds of paint and be a versatile artist. Over the years, I have used Water colours, oil paints, Acrylics, Fabric colours, Crayons and what not! And I have loved every bit of it.

I started blogging on Instagram in 2015, and a lot has changed over time.

I organized my first ever exhibition in 2018, and sold 15 paintings in total. And hell yeah, that was one heck of an achievement for me! It was a big year for starting my own creative projects. I started taking orders from people.

Looking back, I see connections and intriguing sparks that have been put together to form my present creative expression.

This is my journey, and I am so glad I was able to share it with you! 

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Wowieee Ayushi❣️, the creative content I had ever seen. Reach more heights, Stay blessed you pretty smart kidoo :)


hey ayushi, i must say this you got gifted hands. And you have totally mastered this arena. all the very best ❤️❤️

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