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For the Non-Hindi speakers here, “Rang” stands for Colour and it speaks to me in tongues that I can decipher and hence the naming of the website happened.


Something that started out with doodling on the last pages of my School note-books has today developed into a great love for digital art and designing.


A whole journey narrative that birthed in MS Powerpoint, (MBA and stuff of course, lol), a slow move to Canva and now the mighty Illustrator.

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The right friends are the ones who share the right posts on Instagram.

I have been an Art fanatic since I was a kid. It speaks to my soul and it has taught me to be the best version of myself.


Now I also have blogs that speak of a personal understanding about my feelings about my journey, art, artists and other artistry stuff.

Where do you wanna start?

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Do blank pages and white canvases

give you an itch?

Head to the store to check out my babies.

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Digital Artwork

Does smart copywriting, under-tones,

even-spacing and minimalist-fonts excite you? 

Head to my projects for some eye-pleasing work.

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